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Colour corrections in single images or colour adaptations of entire series are of course part of our services. We adjust and improve, for example, unwanted colour casts in artificial light photographs or optimise colour trends in portraits and related products.

Recolouring is also part of the range of our colour correction services.  As with all services, we differentiate between online images and print in price and quality.

That's fair and convincing, we think.  Do you have questions about what and how this all works? Use our inquiry form and you will receive an answer as soon as possible on how we can optimise your image and what it costs.
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Nowadays, no one has to do image processing themselves.
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What does not fit, we adjust. It doesn't matter whether it's colour deviations that may have occurred during photography or re-colouring of individual areas of an image.
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Your footage:

Color corrections are not part of the standard products. You can use the non-binding request form to upload a picture (or several as a zip file) and request a quote.
We would be happy to discuss how to prepare and implement your image processing and whether you would prefer to do certain tasks yourself, because we want to support you and not replace you.



Your briefing:

Image processing always takes place in the eye of the beholder and the more precise your specifications are, the more precise our image editing experts can implement exactly what you imagine.
Our tip: Take the unedited image, mark on the image with circles or arrows what you would like to have changed and attach it as a reference file to the non-binding request.




Your result: 


The result is always returned in the same format as your original image. Unless you require a different file format.


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