Collar retouching extremely favourable and high quality!

Collar retouching makes your fashion products significantly more attractive for your target audience than conventional illustrations. Take advantage of our know-how in this area as well. 
So there is no need to be afraid of the Hollow Man and neither time nor costs are an issue. We realise your complete collection in a surprisingly short time and at the best conditions. 
Send us your inquiry via our inquiry form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Don't be afraid of external image editing!
We have the specialists for it and they cost less than you expect.

Today nobody has to do image editing for cost reasons.
Save your precious time.
Make requests easy! 
HollowMan's not a subject for you to deal with,
because that's what we have Bildschliff experts for.
We are your contact for your questions and wishes on weekdays, also by telephone.
Ask for it!

No art. Only know-how and experience.


For individual image processing projects, please send us a sample image or a rough layout. Please use our inquiry form and tell you as soon as possible what it costs. We will set up an upload function for you precisely according to your requirements, which will only be created for your job. There is no confusion on server workstations. Your tasks land directly on the workstations of the image specialists selected by us and are processed as quickly as possible.

We can also do it in series. Hurry!


Your collection is still in production and you urgently need the expected colour variations? We can do that. From only one picture, we put together the desired templates for you. With and without shadows. No matter which additional wishes you have, we can do it and you have the time and air for more important things. In high print or internet resolution. Your original file is the benchmark of all quality. Send us your inquiry. That way you won't sweat.

We make it really easy for you!


At Masking24 you always have a German-speaking contact person on weekdays. We handle all projects from Germany. After all, we want to understand you in order to do a good job. Write us clearly how you imagine it and we will answer you just as clearly, what it costs, when it is finished and whether there is a better solution. So make it easy!


You simply want to know! We speak German!
Ask us for prices and much more! That's what we are here for!

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