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When it comes to precisely masking the finest structures, such as hair or fur, you simply can't avoid soft masking (alpha channel). Only by using masks from the color channels is it possible to get really fine details. It takes a lot of experience and time to implement this routinely and perfectly. That's why we have only contracted the best image processing professionals for soft masking. This saves you a lot of time and nerves. 
You will see that even with soft masking we have calculated the prices very precisely.
Simple soft masking, with one person, for the Internet is available from 4,95€ net per file. You can get higher quality alpha masks from us from 8,95€ net. By default we send you a transparent TIF file back.
Start your order today, directly via our order system. Register or log in here for free, select Soft Masking, upload images, and in a few hours you will have your perfectly edited images back!  Take a look below and we'll show you how easy it is.
Schauen Sie doch weiter unten zeigen wir Ihnen, wie leicht es ist.




Perfect, time-saving and cost-effective.
That's how image processing has to be today. Convinced? Then register now!

MASKING24 makes it really easy for you. Register yourself and you can directly order, e.g. a clipping, soft masking (alpha channel) or a masking. Completely without our support. Simply use the upload form and in a few hours you will receive your finished picture back.
We want to accompany you perfectly and will create a special product for you according to your specifications. Your individual product. Whether single or volume inquiry, send us your wishes!


It´s that simple:

Your footage:


You upload your images via our website or our powertool, permitted file formats are JPG, TIF, PSD, PNG (no ZIP files). 




Your briefing


No briefing is necessary for most soft masking tasks. If it is not quite clear, you can simply draw a marking or write a short English explanation.



Your result:


In the standard version you get a soft, clean cut, the alpha channel.

E.g. for hair, fur, fringes, soft shadows. To see the channel, please open the edited file in Photoshop.

The return delivery is made as a transparent TIF file (the transparency, as shown here, is only visible in Photoshop, otherwise you will see the original background).


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