Remove stains, improve contrasts and enhance reflexes.

For all retouching work, we are the specialists. Bildschliff helps where there is something to improve. We optimize reflexes, provide more contrast, set shadows or complete the background where it is important to set a different section. Image enhancement optimizes your visions. 
We spot, build, smooth and make perfect what can never be perfect. And to make it even more enjoyable, it doesn't cost the world, but makes your image a world for others.
You don't know yet how easy you can make it? Then send us your pictures by non-binding inquiry. We will tell you on the pennie what your picture retouching costs and you will rave. It couldn't be better! 
Take a look below and we will show you how easy it is!

You tell us what you would like to improve on your
pictures and we implement it! 

We can only do a part of the work for you automatically. For all other tasks, there is a contact person every working day with whom you can discuss your wishes and who speaks your language. Not only in words, but also in pictures.
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The more precise your information, the fewer queries our staff will have. A sample or a test picture will also be of help beforehand. We have made our experiences and would be happy to help you to achieve the best possible result as quickly as possible.

It's that simple:

Your footage:

Retouching is not a standard product. You can use a non-binding inquiry, upload a picture (or several as a zip file) and request a quotation.
We would be happy to discuss how to prepare and implement your image processing and whether you would prefer to do certain tasks yourself, because we want to support you and not replace you.



Your briefing:

Image processing is always in the eye of the beholder and the more precise your specifications are, the more precise our image editing experts can implement exactly what you imagine. 
Our tip: Take an unedited image, mark on the image with circles or arrows what you would like to have changed and use it as a reference file for a

non-binding inquiry.



Your result: 

The return is always delivered in the same format as your original image. Unless you require a different file format..



You simply want to know! We speak German!
Ask us for prices and much more! That's what we are here for!

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